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How will financial aid be affected if I withdraw?

Withdrawal and Financial Aid

A withdrawal is defined as dropping all enrollment in a particular semester. If you withdraw completely from a semester, the Dept. of Education requires UIW to calculate the percentage of your aid that you have “earned” based on the number of days you have completed. This will usually result in owing a balance to UIW. Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance before you withdraw to find out exactly how your account will be affected. We are able to run a simulation on your account to estimate the balance to be owed, if any. Please keep in mind that this will count as hours attempted that are not earned, which affects your completion status for Satisfactory Academic Progress. If you have borrowed student loans, your loan grace period will begin at the date of your withdrawal, and you must also complete Exit Loan Counseling at


Dropping Courses and Financial Aid

A drop is defined as withdrawing from a single course or several course, while remaining enrolled in at least one course for the semester. If you drop during the 100% drop period of a semester, your billing hours may change, which could result in changes to your financial aid for the semester. Dropping during any time in the semester also affects your completion percentage, which could cause you to be placed on Satisfactory Academic Progress and may result in termination of your financial aid or non-renewal of certain awards. Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance before you drop a course or courses to see how this will affect your account.

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