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What is your grading policy?

Grading Policy

System of Grading A and A-

Indicate a superior grasp of the subject matter of the course, initiative and originality in attacking problems, and ability to relate knowledge to new situations.

B+, B, and B-

Indicate better than average grasp of the subject matter of the course and ability to apply principles with intelligence.

C+ and C

Indicate an acceptable grasp of the essentials of the course.

D+, D, and D-

Indicate less than average performance in the course.


Indicates failure to master the minimum essentials of the course. The course must be repeated.


Indicates that the student’s achievement in the course has been satisfactory, but for some good reason certain prescribed work is incomplete or the student has been unable to take the final examination. On satisfactory completion of the course, the student will receive the grade that the quality of his or her performance merits. If the work is not made up within six months, the IP will revert to a grade of F. The grade of IP will not be computed in the GPA.


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